Rig Reef

Sponsored by SHELL a decommissioned oil rig was cut up to 9 jackets and put down off Berakas at 19 meters depth. Here is where divers will find large schooling group of Chevron Barracudas and jacks. Fish nets from irresponsible trawlers are found hanging off the rigs but it has become the home of many marine life. Underneath on one of the jackets you may find residence school of large yellow tail barracudas, large puffer fish, bumphead parrotfish, groupers and trumpet fishes. Macro life is in abundance at the sandy bottom which is a treat for macro photographers and for wide angle lens, pictures of the structure and vortex of barras makes the image astounding. A signature dive site for Brunei – The Unexpected Treasures of Borneo. Map by DM Fleur and Umar