Special thanks to all participants of Project Aware – Dive Against Debris.
Two dive sites in Brunei were selected for this activity. These volunteers are protecting marine wildlife by removing marine debris and gathering data that leads to changes. A total of 16.8 kg of debris were removed from the ocean. These debris are also the cause of death to  marine animal and seabird due to eating or getting entangled. Large items such as nets rubbing against reefs and fishing nets/line cut into corals, sponges and anemones. More conservation activities are coming up!  



Volunteered divers are getting ready



A Master Scuba Diver participating in this project. Looking for debris and spotting nudibranch in the same time.


Diver carefully removing fishing hooks and lines.


Divers with mesh bag full of debris. 


Volunteer Divers in Action.


Sort, segregate, record, weigh and report debris collected to Project Aware.