Cement Wreck

Located at 05 , 13.295′ N , 115,04.875′ E and resting in an upright position the 92m long, 2654 Ton Japanese cargo ship the M.V. Tung Hwang, sank on the 15-9 -1980 after having hit the Samarang Bank en route to Brunei, with a cargo of cement for use in construction of the Sultans palace. This beautiful wreck ranges in depth from 8m at the top of the bridge gantry where the buoy line is tied off down to a 32m sandy bottom.

The wreck is encrusted in soft corals and feather stars and is home to massive shoals of swirling bait fish and many kinds of predators in search of lunch. The ship is still fairly intact apart from the damage to the bow where it struck the bank; also, the funnel has collapsed, lying on its port side tearing away part of the deck which now gives good access to the engine room and various corridors running off it. The marine life on this site is abundant with many different species including Lion Fish , Cube box Fish, Moray Eels and schools of Bat Fish just to name a few.