Blue water Wreck

Located 35 km offshore the wreck of the 80 m long, 12 m wide Philippine stern trawler the “Mabini Padre” lies on her portside in 35 m of water. She sank on 13 November 1981 whilst under tow fighting a fire on board. Rumour has it that the amount of water used to dowse the flames was the reason why she eventually sank. This wreck is commonly known as the “Blue Water Wreck” due to its position so far offshore out in the “blue water” and therefore generally has excellent visibility. The best of all the wrecks around Brunei.

The coral growth on this wreck is not as prolific as other wrecks but it is getting a good coating of hydroids and sponges, it is also home to big schools of Barracuda, White Tip Sharks and many other pelagics cruising around such as Trevallies, Jacks, Spanish Mackerel and Tuna. This wreck bottoms out at 35 m, with the highest point at 24 m. But being so easy to navigate with it lying on its side and visibility so good , it is easy to see the whole wreck in one dive and gaze down upon it whilst hanging off the buoy line whilst doing a safety stop, you never know what might come cruising past out of the blue water.