Brunei Diving


This tiny oil rich sultanate is eyeing ecotourism as a means of diversifying its oil based economy, aspiring to attract one million tourists to its uncrowded beaches, rich coral reefs and pristine rain forests.

Unexplored and unknown to the world and now Brunei reveals ‘The Hidden Secret of Borneo’


The sheltered waters of Brunei Bay, and the coastal reefs of Brunei, have numerous readily accessible dive sites. Brunei International Airport to the dive sites can be less than 30 minutes. The warm, calm tropical seas are an attractive venue for beginners learning to dive, and for the experienced divers extending their skills. Brunei Bay is especially famous for its four wreck dives.

Apart from the intrigue of exploring these vessels, the wrecks support a substantial marine ecosystem. A dive on these sites is always an opportunity to see a diverse variety of marine life.

The Brunei Bay wrecks are regarded as the most interesting and accessible wreck dives in the region. Their close proximity to city accommodation and air links, and convenient when visiting Brunei. Weekend excursions from other regional centers are also very feasible.

The water temperature is around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, all year round. Most diving is done in the morning, when sea conditions are at their calmest. The best period for diving in Brunei is from March to November, in the dry season. Diving still continues all year round with little interruption from weather.

DIVE INTO 宏伟的景点,文莱 这个微小的石油资源丰富的苏丹王国正虎视眈眈,渴望吸引100万游客拥挤的海滩,丰富的珊瑚礁和原始雨林生态旅游作为一种手段,多元化的石油为基础的经济。 未探索未知的世界,现在文莱显示婆罗洲的“隐藏的秘密 婆罗洲发现隐藏的秘密 汶莱海湾和沿海珊瑚礁文莱的避风水域,有许多容易获得的潜水地点。文莱国际机场的潜水点,可不到30分钟。温暖,平静的热带海洋是一个有吸引力的地点,适合初学者学习潜水,以及经验丰富的潜水员扩展他们的技能。文莱湾是特别著名的四个沉船潜水。 除了从探讨这些船只的阴谋,沉船支持大量的海洋生态系统。在这些网站上的潜水总是有机会看到品种多样的海洋生物。 文莱湾的沉船被视为最有趣的和在该地区的访问沉船潜水。他们靠近城市的住宿和航空联系,并方便的时候访问文莱。从其他区域中心的周末郊游也非常可行的。 水的温度大约是25至28摄氏度,一年四季都。大多数潜水是在早晨,当他们最平静的海况。在文莱潜水的最佳时期,从3月到11月,在干燥的季节。跳水仍在继续全年的天气几乎没有中断。