Brunei showcase some of the most fantastic dive sites to be found in the region with many shipwrecks and pristine coral reefs.

The reefs are untouched and diving community here is small making your diving experience feeling like an explorer diving into sites not much dove.

Muck diving giving avid photographers the opportunity to capture images of nudi branch, frog fishes, blemies, gobies, cowries, crab and shrimps. Photographer and divers will be able to capture the behavior of the critters here as they do not recognize divers and will go along doing their daily routine.

Shipwrecks with historic value are found in the waters. World War II ships sank due to mines or torpedoes sat at the bottom of our waters created the sense of peace in their final resting place. Diving here will give the divers the feeling of going back in time with history.

The weather in Brunei is pretty much unpredictable making diving available whole year round with occasional tails of typhoon blowing past. Basically, month from March till November shows more stable weather with the challenging Dec till February month facing some winds but visibility at these period can be very amazing.

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