Fun diving

Fun diving includes:
  • weights,
  • tanks,
  • dive guide services,
  • refreshments on the boat: light refreshments for two dives, or refreshments and lunch for three dives.
A minimum of two dives policy applies. No refund for dive cancellation due to personal reasons or sea sickness. Sea sickness tablets available in our dive centre before departure. All dives must be paid in advance before beginning of activities.

Fun diving prices

Price Local price*
Fun dives  $50 / dive  $35 / dive
Equipment rental (full kit)  $40 / day  $30 / day
Single diver supplement  $50 / boat  $30 / boat
Nitrox fills  $15 / tank  $10 / tank
Extra tank (air) for sidemount or twin-tank  $15 / tank  $10 / tank
Accommodation bed & breakfast**  $50 / night  $40/ night
Accommodation full board**  $60 / night  $50 / night

* An individual with a yellow, red or green Brunei identity card. ** Accommodation subject to twin / double / triple sharing only. Single use adds 50% surcharge.

Diving packages for local Brunei divers

We offer three different diving packages for those carrying a yellow, red or green Brunei identity card.
10 fun dives package – with tanks and weights only $300
10 fun dives package – with all equipment provided $350
10 fun dives package – with nitrox tank fills and weights $350
Please note that this package is:
  • non-transferable to other divers
  • valid for one year from purchase date
  • only usable for one package at a time.
For example, if you wish to use nitrox for some dives, and air for others, we recommend purchasing two packages, and deducting dives from each package separately as they are used. Or, please see our individual dive prices above.