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PADI Rescue Divers

We’ve been busy here at Oceanic Quest, certifying new divers! Our Sasja Tarrant has recently put three new divers – including our own Jason – through the PADI Rescue Diver course! Congratulations everyone on finishing this difficult program – we’re proud of you!

If you’re thinking about taking the step up towards becoming a:
then we recommend the PADI Rescue Diver course. This is a great course for friends, family and couples, as you learn how to help each other in extreme situations. Through the course you will work intensively with your buddy, going over recovery methods and techniques to bring them to safety.

Please note that the Rescue Diver course has several prerequisites.
You must be:
We offer a combo package of EFR and Rescue together, and we can create a custom package for your current skills, training and available time on request.

Staff CPR training

  All of our staff are trained to provide CPR. More courses coming up for their self development. IMG-20150205-WA0007IMG-20150205-WA0009 IMG-20150205-WA0011IMG-20150205-WA0012IMG-20150205-WA0008 IMG-20150205-WA0010IMG-20150205-WA0013    

Emergency First Response (EFR)

Congrats to all of the teachers from Wasan Vocational School for completing their Emergency First Response (EFR) license. The instructors enjoyed teaching all of you. So much fun, couldn’t stop laughing… Remember to STOP, THINK & ACT.
EFR manual

EFR manual

Introduction to the course

Introduction to the course

EFR students practicing on how to do a back blow

EFR students practicing on how to do a back blow

Leg splinting

Leg splinting

Instructor Sha teaching the proper way of giving CPR

Instructor Sha teaching the proper way of giving CPR

CPR begins.. Chest compression

CPR begins.. Chest compression

Recovery position

Recovery position


PROJECT AWARE – Dive Against Debris

  Special thanks to all participants of Project Aware – Dive Against Debris. Two dive sites in Brunei were selected for this activity. These volunteers are protecting marine wildlife by removing marine debris and gathering data that leads to changes. A total of 16.8 kg of debris were removed from the ocean. These debris are also the cause of death to  marine animal and seabird due to eating or getting entangled. Large items such as nets rubbing against reefs and fishing nets/line cut into corals, sponges and anemones. More conservation activities are coming up!     10862577_991758884174223_1894147292766602979_o

Volunteered divers are getting ready



A Master Scuba Diver participating in this project. Looking for debris and spotting nudibranch in the same time.


Diver carefully removing fishing hooks and lines.


Divers with mesh bag full of debris. 


Volunteer Divers in Action.


Sort, segregate, record, weigh and report debris collected to Project Aware.

A Tribute To William Tan

Singapore-based underwater photographer William Tan, 48, has been diving for decades and shooting professionally for nearly as long. He was certified to dive in 1994 and immediately began shooting underwater. Sports Diver Magazine did an interview and published in this recent issue.

Trial Dive at JPMC Pool


Free diving basics at JPMC

(Clockwise from top left) JPMC Fitness GM Christina Lynnette; Cayley Coulbourn of Oceanic Quest will be on hand to instruct members on the basics of scuba diving; diving equipment is provided by Oceanic Quest; members of JPMC Fitness Centre smile for the camera during their free session with an Oceanic Quest instructor.Pictures: BT/Zatty Joanda
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
JPMC Fitness Centre has a treat for its members.In collaboration with Oceanic Quest, the fitness centre is currently conducting “try-dives” at its swimming pool. Over the next three days, diving instructors from Oceanic Quest will be on hand to teach JPMC members the basics of scuba diving.The “try-dive” is a 40-minute free introduction to scuba diving, where members will learn about the equipment used, the basic signals and skills used when underwater, as well as how to clear masks and be comfortable underwater. Once members are comfortable with the basics, they will then be brought underwater to swim around the pool. “We hope they will find it enjoyable enough that they will want to try it out in the ocean,” said Cayley Coulbourn of Oceanic Quest. “Oceanic Quest provides the equipment to allow members to experience what diving will be like. Some people may be apprehensive about the water, or whether they will like it or not. This is a good way for our members to find out whether or not they will enjoy the activity,” said JPMC Fitness General Manager Christina Lynnette. The “try-dives” are the first of its kind to be organised by the fitness centre, with hopes that it will encourage its members to try out other fun and healthy outdoor activities. “It is a good setting to experiment with diving here because it’s not so overwhelming. There aren’t many distractions, so those who take part will get a chance to focus on getting the basics just right,” added Coulbourn. Members of JPMC Fitness Centre are encouraged to try the activity as it is a free session. Simply sign up at the counter of the fitness centre and choose a convenient time. The “try-dives” are ongoing until Thursday, March 14 and is being held at the fitness centre’s swimming pool. For more information, drop by JPMC Fitness Centre or call 2611433 ext. 2238. The Brunei Times  
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